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About the IFPSM

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is the union of 44 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide. Within this circle, about 250,000 Purchasing and Supply Management Professionals can be reached.

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IFPSM facilitates the development and distribution of knowledge to elevate and advance the procurement and supply chain management profession, thus favourably impacting the standard of living of citizens worldwide through improved business practices. IFPSM’s operations covers purchasing, materials management, logistics, supply chain management and strategic sourcing.

IFPSM is a unique globally recognised non-political, independent and non-profit oriented International Organization.

IFPSM offers membership to associations from across the world that operate within the purchasing, procurement and supply management sectors. The Membership Value Proposition falls into a number of categories which provides a range of opportunities for the members that support their organisations development and through this support the development of the profession and practitioners while raising the profile of the association both nationally and internationally.

The Federation is dedicated to the service of our member associations and is ready and willing to work in partnership with other organizations that share our objectives and core values.

In addition to the strong regional structure, IFPSM also delivers global events where members can engage and derive business and personal benefits, as annual World Summit conference.


IFPSM is the global, leading platform in purchasing and supply chain management, which serves the development of the profession and member organisations.

Our Mission

To increase the ability of IFPSM’s network of member organizations to connect, to collaborate, to share best practices, and to enable them to be more effective in serving their members and the profession.

Activities, objectives and key projects 
  • Increase the number of members of IFPSM

  • Further develop Global Standard and Programme Accreditation Standard for educational institutes in the purchasing and supply chain management sector.  ​​

  • Sharing the best practices on strategies and activities in not-for-profit organisations, especially focusing on the best practices for involving young professionals in the profession and in the activities of associations. 

  • Inventorying the self-assessment tools available to member associations. The aim is to offer the best self-assessment tools available to all member organisations in order to develop the profession.

  • Setting up a website to share current news from the industry with member organisations and their members to connect and raise awareness of current issues among professionals.


  • Organising World Summit event in conjunction of the Indonesian member organisation (IAPI) bringing together member organisations and professionals. At the same time, the annual Council meeting of the association and workshop for all IFPSM member organisations will take place.


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