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Why Apply?

Why your programs should be accredited under the Purchasing and Supply Global Standard

Programs meeting the Purchasing and Supply Global Standard have objectively demonstrated their ability to produce graduates who meet a rigorous world standard for procurement professionals.


Recognition means that a program of learning – degree, certification, credential or qualification – has met the comprehensive criteria identified in the Standard.  Recognition marks the program as one that equips students and candidates with the knowledge, skills, attributes and characteristics of a purchasing and supply management professional.

Achieving Purchasing and Supply Global Standard recognition means you will be able to refer to this in any marketing and promotional materials. A formal certificate of recognition will be issued, and details of the recognised program will appear on this website.  Programs meeting the standard may refer to this in marketing or promotional activities and will need to abide by the style and usage guidelines determined by the Board.

Graduates of your program will have:

  • gained an underpinning knowledge and understanding of the tools, techniques, models and methodologies of purchasing and supply management

  • a clear and comprehensive knowledge, understanding and acumen up, down and across the fields of strategic supply chain management

  • extensive knowledge at a strategic level in purchasing and supply management

  • applied this knowledge and understanding within a work context – so are well placed to add value to their organisation

  • All of the above achieved to an intellectual equivalence of a first degree level program.


For more information and the benefits of achieving the the Global Standard, please click here

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