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IFPSM has been engaged in the debate of defining the profession and its various terms for a considerable time. It is clear that consensus is unlikely in the near future as differing interested parties have nurtured their own understandings.

However, in the international context, those understandings may not be as helpful as might be hoped. Consequently, IFPSM has decided to declare a position. The following definitions are the ones that it would choose to use and invites others to consider doing likewise. It is recognised that by doing so IFPSM does not deem that all other definitions are wrong but merely that when IFPSM uses such terminology, this is what it means. If others can subscribe to a similar position then, over time, a consensus may gather momentum and the international usage of language may develop a coherence that enhances comprehension and, thereby, expectation. Aligned with this debate IFPSM also concurs with the 10 UN Global Compacts and would encourage others to do likewise.


For further information, 

please see the attached slides.



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