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APPROVVIGIONARE - International Edition of ADACI Magazine (Septemeber 2023). 

International edition is published by ADACI (Associazione Italiana Acquisti e Supply Management) on conjunction with the IFPSM World Summit together with the IFPSM Member associations. 


"In this increasingly globalized and multipolar environment supranational organisations such as IFPSM, are expected to ensure international collaboration and the exchange of best practices for the benefit of equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth for the future generations. On the occasion of the Florence Summit, APPROVVIGIONARE, house organ of ADACI, proposes a special edition, prepared in collaboration with authors and experts of several associations. 


The goal is to reach the 250 000 operators of the IFPSM procurement and supply management community, updating them on various topics of the profession, on the history of IFPSM and on its current members. Thanks to this widespread diffusion, every professional who participates in that community will be informed of what is done by colleagues of other regions and will appreciate the activities performed by its association or institute." says Michele Anzivino, Editor of Chief, APPROVVIGIONARE. 

APPROVVIGIO-NARE  International Edition of ADACI Magazine

(Sept, 2023)

Read more about Approvvigionare  following this link.


Modern Supply Chain Research and Applications (MSCRA) is a high-class academical journal recommended by IFPSM.


MSCRA covers all areas of supply chain management, including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Management. The journal consist of papers with a particular emphasis on supply chain statistics and research review, supply chain analytics research, and case-based supply chain research. MSCRA aims to publish original and practical articles in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Articles makes a strong contribution to the theory of logistics and supply chain management or have broad application in the logistics industry.

Research scope includes, but is not limited:

  • Macro policy analysis in supply chain

  • Green supply chains and sustainable supply chains

  • Supply chain channel management 

  • Supply chain quality management

  • Supply chain inventory management

  • Supply chain design and neetwork structure

  • Supply chain risk management 

Modern Supply Chain Research and Application (MSCRA)

Please read more following this link.

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