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IFPSM Awards

Garner Thémoin Award – Advancement of the Profession Award

The Garner Thémoin Award is presented to an individual whose modest, unselfish, sincere, and persistent efforts for the advancement of Purchasing, Supply Management and Logistics and whose able assistance and guidance to purchasing agents in their endeavours have eminently qualified him/her for one of the highest IFPSM awards.


Hans Ovelgönne – Purchasing Research Award

The Hans Ovelgnönne Award is made to an individual from a University, Company or Association for their outstanding contribution to the development of Purchasing and Supply Management based on Research and Development studies and works.


Lewis E. Spangler – Purchasing Professional Award

The Lewis E. Spangler Award is made to an individual coming from a Company or Association where he/she has proved an outstanding commitment to the profession of Purchasing and Supply Management by evidence of successful contribution to the bottom line as well as by support given to their collaborators in the field of Education and Training.


The President’s Award

The President’s Award is made by the President of IFPSM and based solely on their personal recommendation of an individual from a member association or from the wider profession that recognises their contribution over many years.


  • Garner Thémoin Award: Mr Akanit Smitabindu,   PSCMT, Thailand 

  • President’s Award –    Mr He Liming CFLP, China


  • Garner Thémoin Award: Mr Julio Martin Mancera

  • Lewis E Spangler Award – Dkfm. Heinz Pechek. BMÖ, Austria.

  • President’s Award –     Mr Malcolm Youngson


  • Garner Thémoin Award: Dr Christian Haring, BMO, Austria

  • Hans Ovelgönne Award – Mr M K Bhardwaj, IIMM, India

  • Lewis E Spangler Award – Mr Zhou Guohui, CFLP, China

  • President’s Award – Charles Holden


  • Garner Thémoin Award – Dr Clemence Tesha, PSPTB, Tanzania

  • Lewis E Spangler Award – József Bernát Kovács, HALPIM, Hungary

  • Hans Ovelgönne Award – Dr David Mckevitt, IIPMM, Ireland

  • President’s Award – Søren Vammen, DILF, Denmark


  • Garner Thémoin Award – Eddie B Odhiambo, KISM, Kenya

  • Hans Ovelgnönne Award – not awarded 2015

  • Lewis E. Spangler Award – Glynn Hancott, SCMA, Canada

  • President’s Award 2015 – Paul Davis, IIPMM, Ireland


  • Garner Thémoin Award – Martin Montanti, SCMA, Canada

  • Lewis E. Spangler Award – Yang Chor Leong, MIPMM, Malaysia

  • Hans Ovelgönne Award – Anil Ponweera, ISMM, Sri Lanka

  • The President’s award went to Peter Kraljič and the President presented this to him recently in Slovenia.

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