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How to Apply

As the first step, you should complete a simple application form, providing basic details about your organisation and the program to be assessed.

The Global Standard’s Board (GSB) will appoint an assessor who will review your application on its behalf. The assessor will be assigned to you throughout the period of your application process and if appropriate, as your application develops.  All applications will be considered in two parts.

Part A of the application provides an opportunity for the organisation to demonstrate its legitimacy to operate and to offer and ensure the delivery and assessment of programs at the appropriate level.  The assessor will review Part A of the application and make a recommendation to the GSB regarding the organisation’s eligibility to make a program application. Applicants can expect a decision on eligibility within six weeks of the application being received, provided that all of the required information has been made available to the assessor.

Once Part A of the application has been approved, the application for Part B must be received within six months from the date of this approval otherwise Part A will expire.

Part B of the application is then program specific and enables the organisation to demonstrate that the content, assessment and outcomes of the program meet the Global Standard.

As the final stage of the process, the Purchasing and Supply Global Standard Board will feedback the results of the Part B review.

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