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Written by Douglas Regueros Mora

Regional Chair of Americas region, IFPSM

A few years ago, for Spanish-speaking countries, there were only two Procurement professional accreditations: The one from AERCE (Spain), and in an isolated way, in Latin America, the APROCAL Association (Mexico) certifications: (CPAM in Procurement and CPLM in Logistics). Both associations focused their professional certifications in their own countries.

Thus, Latin America (except for Mexico), suffered for a long time from a lack of international Procurement accredited standards; buyers could eventually access world-recognized European and North American certifications, but language and prices were often (and still might be) a barrier.

The Procurement certification panorama with world-class standards begins to be clear in Latin America when a group of Procurement professionals from different countries of the continent begin to found Procurement associations in countries where they did not exist, or to reactivate associations that had been "dormant” for one reason or another.

Based on a work of many previous years, and with grounds on the international Category Management, Sourcing Group Management, Strategic Supply and Strategic Sourcing models, the Colombian Procurement Professionals Association (ACOPC) establishes the Professional Procurement and Supply Certification – CPCA® (which would later have the International connotation, after training and certifying professionals in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama).

Fortunately, in 2019, the comparison of certification’s fundamentals leads to establish that there is the same level of professionalism and knowledge between a CPCA® certified professional with a CPAM professional (Mexico), which is why these certifications are then homologated (mutually endorsed). The same happens later with the Brazilian CPP (Certified Purchasing Professional) certification. It can be said that in some way these two acquire the CPCA® “surname”, which continues to pursue greater reach throughout the American continent.

Very intelligently, in 2020 and 2021, the APCO (Chile), APEPROC (Peru) and APROCORD (Dominican Republic) associations saved themselves the research, development and accreditation time of coming up with their own certifications, by adopting the CPCA® certification and standards for their countries. These agreements, besides having trained and certified people from other countries, reiterate the CPCA®’s international connotation.

It goes without saying that behind all this exercise is the confidence and credibility placed in the Colombian Procurement Professionals Association - ACOPC by the International Federation for Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM), who, by endorsing its work at a continental level, appoints ACOPC Chair for the Region Americas and later, Board Member. This consolidates the seriousness and credibility of the CPCA® certification at a regional level.

Finally, and in the strong belief of having considered the adequate bases for the conformation of the CPCA® certification and standards, ACOPC seeks for its homologation with a professional certification from a country with a long history and highly recognized Procurement and Supply levels and standards (Canada).

With the endorsement received by the Canadian Supply Chain Association (Supply Chain Canada), accepting CPCA® as a formal basic accreditation for its own professional designation, the CPCA® certification transcends the Latin American borders, putting itself on a par with the most recognized world level Procurement certifications.

With the above, ACOPC seeks to offer all Latin American buyers the possibility of expanding their professional horizons, with the peace of mind that the CPCA® certification they obtain meets the standards expected by any country or multinational company where they could eventually work in the future.

So now, the CPCA® certification is available to all Procurement people in Latin America (whatever their country), with a TRULY INTERNATIONAL scope.


Mr. Douglas Regueros Mora

Regional Chair of Americas region, IFPSM

President, Colombian Procurement Professionals Association/Asociación Colombiana de Profesionales en Compras (ACOPC)



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