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IFPSM Members Newsletter

IFPSM Newsletter January 2020

We welcome you to the first IFPSM newsletter in year 2020. In this newsletter IFPSM Office shares information, news and updates of the upcoming events. We want this newsletter to be valuable for you so please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

President and Board 2020

IFPSM warmly welcomes President Mrs. Marina Lindič (in center), who started her term as the President of IFPSM 1st of January 2020. Please see enclosed her greetings to IFPSM Members.

IFPSM sincerely appreciates the great leadership of the previous President, Mr. He Liming (left), for his great contribution to IFPSM community. During his period of Presidency, we have seen enormous development in the Federation and many important initiatives have been implemented. IFPSM is grateful to have Mr. He’s support also in future as he continues in the IFPSM Board as a member. His experience and know-how will be very valuable for the Federation.

Looking into the future, IFPSM President Elect, Mr. Chris Oanda (right) will start his Presidency in year 2023 after Mrs. Lindič’s term. Chris is a founder member of the Kenya Institute of Supply Management (KISM) and has also served as a Member of the Board of IFPSM for several years.

IFPSM is also delighted to announce the results of the recent IFPSM Council election to the IFPSM Board. We are pleased to welcome Mr. Olli-Pekka Juhantila from LOGY (Finland) and Mr. Aliyu Mohammed Jimoh from CIPSMN (Nigeria) to the board. The full IFPSM Board 2020 can be found from here:

Member Information Sheet

IFPSM collects information from the member associations. It is crucial for the IFPSM to receive updated contact information, as well as the associations members profiles, to understand and serve better the member associations also in the future. Find enclosed Member information sheet and please return the filled sheet as soon as possible (not later than 4, February 2020) if not yet supplied. IFPSM Office mail:

IFPSM Certificates

IFPSM Global Standard and Programme Accreditation Standard (PAS) certificates are under a renewal process. The Office will launch soon a web page verification system for the certificates with QR codes to identify the certificates. In addition, the member associations will be able to earn a fair provision by selling the IFPSM Global Standard to their members and customers. More information along with marketing materials will be distributed to the member associations during spring.

Member Area on IFPSM Webpage

IFPSM has launched Member Area on You can find the area under “Members” on the webpage. Access rights will be granted to Senior and Alternative delegates as well as the secretary of the member association. Make sure you have sent the Member Information Sheet 2020 with updated contact persons of your association to issue the rights accordingly. Please Sign Up to the service from the website’s front page. After you have signed up the site administrator will notify you via email once your request has been approved. After that you can Log in to the Member Area.

IFPSM World Summit 2020

IFPSM holds an annual IFPSM World Summit in different member countries to foster knowledge development and sharing of best practices among practitioners of the profession.

IFPSM Community had a great pleasure to enjoy the World Summit 2019 in Mombasa, Kenya organised by KISM. Please take a look at the KISM Newsletter (attachment) reflecting the highlights of the summit.

We cordially invite you the IFPSM World Summit 2020 to be held at Bali, Indonesia from 13th to 16th of October 2020. The theme of the World Summit is Leading Transformation Through Disruptive Innovations. IFPSM Council meeting will be held in conjunction with IFPSM World Summit 2020 on October 13th at 9.00 am in Bali, Indonesia followed by IFPSM Council workshop. Please note, because of the unseen local circumstances the dates of World Summit has been changed.

Initial program of IFPSM World Summit 2020:

Tuesday 13 October 2020 - Day one

9:00 – 19:00 IFPSM Board Meeting

Wednesday 14 October 2020 - Day two

8:00-10:30 Council Meeting

10:30-12:30 Council/Member Workshop

Common Opening ceremony with IFPSM and IAPI/Keynotes speakers and Best paper presentations

Dinner and Intercultural night together with IAPI

Thursday 15 October 2020 - Day three

International Conference & IAPI conference (4 sessions)

Gala Dinner for international guests

Friday 16 October 2020 - Day four

International Conference & IAPI conference (3 sessions)

Closing event together with IFPSM and IAPI

More information (sponsorship brochure, speaker enquires etc.) will be launched soonest. Also, please take a look IFPSM World Summit web page:

IFPSM / IPSERA Summer School

IFPSM and IPSERA organize in collaboration a summer school in 23-26, June 2020 for doctoral students (PhD Degree) with Erasmus Doctoral Programme in Business and Management. On this IFPSM/IPSERA Summer School, the emphasis is on classical management theories best suited for the studies to related to Purchasing and Supply Management.This IFPSM/IPSERA Summer School is sponsored by the International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA), International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM), and the Dutch Purchasing Management Association (NEVI). Registration is now open. More information and registration form can be found here:

IFPSM LinkedIn

IFPSM has launched the LinkedIn account (IFPSM LinkedIn). Please follow IFPSM account and share IFPSM’s posts to your own networks to spread the word about IFPSM. Tag @IFPSM and #IFPSM for your relevant posts and the Office can share them to the network.

Upcoming Meetings

Council Meeting

· IFPSM Council meeting in conjunction with World Summit 2020 on October 14th in Bali, Indonesia followed by IFPSM Council workshop

Board Meetings (1 virtual meeting per quarter + 1 physical meeting)

· Virtual Board meeting on February 25th

· Physical meeting in conjunction with World Summit 2020 on October 13th in Bali, Indonesia

Regional Meetings

· Asian Pacific Regional meeting on March 2nd in Haikou China (+conference 3rd and 4th), hosted by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP)

· European Regional meeting on March 7th in Zagreb, Croatia hosted by Croatian Association of Purchasing (CAP)

· Asian Pacific Regional meeting on July 15th in in Manila, Philippines (+conference 16th and 17th) hosted by Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia Inc (PASIA)

Changes in the IFPSM Office

Since 1, October 2019 Ms. Saana Rantanen has taken care of the daily operational tasks of the Office as Executive Assistant to CEO, Mr. Markku Henttinen. Ms. Marjo Ojakoski, after finalising her studies, has concentrated on the topics of the Finnish Association (LOGY). Marjo will support IFPSM activities on demand basis.

We look forward to serving You for the benefit of the profession!

Markku Henttinen Saana Rantanen

CEO Executive Assistant


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