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PASIAWorld 2020 Global WebConference - Fortifying Supply Chain for the Future

PASIA, Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia, organizes PASIAWorld 2020 Global WebConference on November 11-13, 2020 and kindly invites IFPSM's members to participate via Zoom. The topic of the PASIAWorld 2020 conference is "Fortifying Supply Chains for the Future: Supply Chain Solutions and Best Practices for the New World".

PASIAWorld is one of the largest Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics educational conference in the ASEAN Region that is attended by more than 300 C-level officers, Key Decision Makers, Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics Professionals, HR and Talent Development Officers and vendors from World’s biggest brands in the Asia Pacific. It is a learning conference that includes an exemplary line up of industry experts sharing their insights, real-life strategies and best practices, and provides information on the latest innovations and trends through the plenary, panel, roundtable discussions and breakout sessions as well as invaluable networking and business opportunities. PASIA is targeting around 8,000 attendees worldwide to listen and interact with our global speakers & solution providers via WebConference.

More information about PASIAWorld 2020 Global WebConference can be found PASIA's webpage:


Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA), Phillippines

Who We Are

PASIA, is the leading institute and shared services organization in Asia, operating globally, that provides a unique and end-to-end supply chain value proposition to enable companies and its professionals create value, manage risks, & improve total cost of doing business by helping them apply industry best practices in their supply chain, procurement, and logistics undertaking.

The four (4) key advantages of PASIA are being focus, experience, scalability and total cost advantage when they provide augmentation to many companies and organizations.

What We Do

A purpose driven organization, PASIA offers consulting, training, services, and technology implementation in supply chain, procurement, and logistics across different industries around the world. Our core methodology in working with organizations is built around its people, process, & enablers and the core values of our business undertaking is on Ethics, Excellence, and E-Enablement.

More information about Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia, PASIA can be found from the assocation webpage:

Copyright: Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia, PASIA

Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) is a member association of the IFPSM.



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