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Programme Accreditation Standard (PAS)

The introduction of the IFPSM Global Standard which has been developed to recognise and  accredit full degree equivalent programmes has generated the need to develop a more  elementary curriculum assessment which recognises those programmes that train in the  fundamentals of procurement and supply.

These programmes are more often than not a number of learning levels below the Global  Standard (GS).  However, all programmes submitted for assessment to the PAS must meet the  requirement of delivering no less than 150 learning hours.

They are primarily vocational/operational in complexion and have significantly less guided  learning hours than the GS.

In establishing this more basic level of accreditation, it allows IFPSM to fully accredit a wider  range of programmes from introductory certificates, first year foundation degrees, simulated  models and also shorter learning and development courses.

For more information and how to apply for the PAS please click here



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