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Networking Event

On March 10 2016, the leadership of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) met in Vancouver, Canada to develop a strategic plan to guide the work of the organization over the course of the coming three-year planning horizon.

In addition to identifying a clear strategic direction for IFPSM, members of the board also sought to be innovative in identifying new strategies and approaches that would truly enhance the value IFPSM offers its member-organizations.


It was important that the needs and realties of IFPSM’s broader membership influenced the direction and priorities of the organization. Accordingly, in preparation for the strategic planning development process, IFPSM internally conducted brief survey designed to gather feedback from the membership about what the organization is doing well, where it needs to improve as well as to update IFPSM’s understanding of the trends, issues and challenges facing the membership in 2016.


The strategies are the broad approaches that will support IFPSM as it addresses the realities of its internal and external environment. The group prioritized the identified strategies and established objectives for those initiatives to be undertaken first.

Activity Area 1:  Membership

  • Increase Facilitation and Collaboration

  • Increase Effectiveness of  IFPSM regions (maturity of members, RVP role)

  • Sponsorship Program

  • Start IFPSM PMI

  • Create a Knowledge Bank


Activity Area 2:  Leadership

  • Grow uptake of certification programs (e.g. outsourcing where there is capacity)

  • Provide global leadership on SC issues (e.g. sustainability, ethics, anti-corruption etc.)

  • Develop a research program leveraging university and research institutes

  • After 2017, revisit World Summit to make it a revenue-positive event


Activity Area 3: Networks

  • Develop communications package for stakeholders and a mechanism for obtaining value

  • Define position on profession issues and establish advocacy platform on each issue (e.g. human rights, healthcare, corruption, etc.)


IFPSM is recognized as the international federation that facilitates the development and sharing of the practice of the purchasing and supply management profession, wherever it is practiced, through our network of member organizations.

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