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ProcurCompEU - European Competency Framework for Public Procurement Professionals

European Commission unveils ProcurCompEU – the European Competency Framework for Public Procurement Professionals.

ProcurCompEU is a tool designed by the European Commission to support the professionalisation of public procurement. By defining 30 key competences, ProcurCompEU provides a common reference for public procurement professionals in the European Union and beyond. It recognizes and supports public procurement as a strategic function that delivers public investment for sustainable growth.

Voluntary, free to use, and customisable, ProcurCompEU is designed to serve as a common reference point for procurement professionals in the EU and beyond. It:

  • facilitates recruitment, training, and career development

  • allows organisations to manage their human resources successfully

  • improves the competence level of public procurement professionals

  • focuses on the multidisciplinary and strategic dimension of procurement

ProcurCompEU has been published on the European Commission e-Competence Centre for Public Procurement Practitioners. The publication can be downloaded in 23 different languages. The ProcurCompEU package contains:

  • a Competency Matrix, which defines the competences and skills public procurement professionals should have depending on the role they perform

  • a Self-Assessment Tool, which public procurement professionals and organisations can use to assess their levels of proficiency and organisational maturity

  • a Generic Training Curriculum, which will help develop appropriate training programmes

  • a Study on professionalisation of public procurement in the EU and beyond, which takes stock of competency-based human resource management in the EU countries and selected third countries

Further, you can find case study reports from Estonia, Malta, Romania and Slovenia from the e-Competence Centre for Public Procurement Practitioners.

CEO of the IFPSM Mr. Markku Henttinen has given contribution as a Member of the Advisory Committee for the ProcurCompEU project.

"This has been a great initiative by the European Commission. The importance of the public procurement is increasingly high thinking of the post Covid-19 pandemic era. We are invited to share this ProcurCompEU knowledge to all IFPSM members world wide. ", says Mr. Henttinen.

Justyne Balasinska, Team Leader for the Professionalisation of Public Procurement from the European Commission, expresses the appreciation for IFPSM's longstanding cooperation with European Commission's services.

"The growing interest and positive feedback from our stakeholders proves that we have jointly managed to raise the awareness about the importance of the professionalisation agenda and strategic dimension of public procurement", says Balasinska.

ProcurCompEU – European competency framework for public procurement professionals

Download PDF • 1.94MB

ProcurCompEU – In a nutshell

Download PDF • 1.19MB

More information about ProcurCompEU– the European competency framework for public procurement professionals can be found ProcurCompEU on the European Commission e-Competence Centre.

For further information, please contact

Markku Henttinen

Chief Executive Officer




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